This isn't just about health and fertility. This course is designed to optimise your entire life. Your mood, sleeping habits, reactions, decisions, creativity, social awareness, motivation, movement, libido, physical shape...everything!

That's how powerful it is.

Understanding and moving with your hormones and cycle is honestly life changing.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The distinct four phases of your menstrual cycle that will help transform all areas of your life.

  • How to identify your fertile window to better understand and improve your chances of falling pregnant.

  • How to use movement to achieve results you've been looking for: Improved body composition, energy and mood, weight loss, and reduced PMS.

  • How to finally get your unique female biochemistry and whole body working for you and not against you.

  • Exercise to a tailored plan that aligns with your in built cycle and not against it.

  • How to improve fertility and get your body in the best possible shape to get and sustain pregnancy.

A course designed not to just optimise your health and fertility but your entire life. Through the lessons and techniques in this course you will improve all aspects of your life. Once you start working with your cycle and hormones in this way that's when you'll achieve results. From increased energy, to improved physical shape, to better fertility, and boosts in mood.
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"One-size-fits-all exercise plans don't work for women because women are biochemically different than men. Instead we need to exercise and live for our unique female biochemistry"

“I cannot recommend this course enough! I was absolutely blown away with Claire's knowledge and expertise. I thought I knew my cycle and how to exercise correctly for my hormones but wow, this course took my knowledge to a whole new level. I feel like after completing this course I have a whole new understanding and respect for my body. I have more energy, I actually lost weight and after years of painful and irregular periods, my period is now healthy and regular. And now that I'm able to clearly identify when I'm ovulating, as well as now feeling strong and healthy, my husband and I are going to start trying for a baby! We are so excited!”

Kim F.

Here's what's you've been struggling with..

  • You're not sure where to start

    You know that cycle tracking and working with your hormones could be amazing for you but you're not sure how to do it or what techniques to use..

  • You're ready to fall pregnant but it's not happening

    One study (of women trying to conceive) found that while 68% of the women THOUGHT they were timing sex correctly, only 13% could accurately define their fertile window.

  • You're exhausted and PMS is off the charts

    These are symptoms of going about our lives and exercising according to mens biology. The only way to relive this is to understand and work with our unique female biochemistry.

  • Whatever you do, the results aren't coming

    Maybe you don't have the energy or maybe you're exercising but still not seeing the results you're after. This is extremely common when our cycle isn't taken into consideration of how we can achieve our goals.

What makes this course special?

I've been doing this for 15 years and I've seen what works and what doesn't.

Women that trained according to mens biology weren't getting results (not just in terms of PMS or fertility) but actually in terms of physical and body composition results as well.

Training harder does not mean better results!

Once I started adapting my own exercise routine and life patterns, that's when I truly started seeing results too. My mood improved dramatically and because my energy levels were soaring it meant that physically I was getting results almost effortlessly. I looked and felt the best I ever had.

I'd never felt more confident, my skin was clearer, I had thicker and fuller hair, and almost all my physical attributes blossomed.

My cycle was the most regular and healthy it's ever pain. It got to a point where I knew my body and cycle inside and out, and so when it came to wanting to fall pregnant it happened quickly and easily.

And its through the years of working with all my female clients, as well as going through this in my own journey, that I now have such a wealth of knowledge that I've now included into this course. So that you too can start working and living to your unique female biochemistry, and start getting the results you're after!

Whats included?

  • Movement: Guided workouts, yoga flows and pilates sessions designed specifically for each of the four stages of your cycle.

  • Hormone & Cycle education: Understanding the intricacies of our female biochemistry and how to start incorporating this into your life.

  • Tracking your cycle: Exact steps on how you can begin to track your cycle today & learn your exact 'fertile' window.

  • Nutrition guidance & recipes for each stage of your cycle so you can cater your nutrition to your exact hormonal needs.

  • Understand and embrace your ebbs and flows, and use them in your every day life. Start making your hormones work for you and not against you!


$497 AUD 


$247 AUD

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"Tracking my cycle allowed me to really gain clarity about my fertile window and enabled me to fall pregnant effortlessly"


Guaranteed! If for any reason, and I mean any reason at all, that you're not happy or satisfied with the course, then I'll happily refund you the entire cost. No questions asked :)

Excited to get started?

Inside you'll discover how powerful our female hormones are, and you'll start harnessing them to improve your health, your fertility and every other aspect of your life.

Hi! I'm Claire..

I'm a personal trainer, yoga teacher and health coach and have been working full time in this industry for over 14 years. 

Working privately with hundreds of clients all over the world I have developed a passion and specialism in womens health especially hormonal health, preconception, pregnancy and post natal women.

I’ve studied functional medicine at the Institute of Functional Medicine in California under Dr, Mark Hyman and am certified with Precision Nutrition as a nutrition coach. I’m also currently undertaking (nearly finished) my degree in Health sciences Naturopathy and I am a certified menstrual coach from the Institute of Menstrual Health by Nicole Jardim. I’ve travelled the world up-skilling myself in all things health, fitness and nutrition by partaking in some of the most pioneering and forward-thinking courses and conferences available.

I'm a bit of a geek who always has my head in the current health & nutrition book and love staying up to date with all the current courses.

I believe in living a balanced life. I believe that health, nutrition, fitness and wellness ultimately resembles vibrance and energy within you. It's about living your best life and feeling the best you possibly can. When your whole body and mind are in alignment. 

I’m so happy you’re joining me on this beautiful journey!

"My mission is to empower women to embrace your unique female biochemistry, not just blindly work to our male counterparts, so that you can achieve your health, fitness and overall life goals."


$497 AUD 


$247 AUD

*Only valid for a limited time

This course is perfect for you..

  • If you want to improve all aspects of your life from your mood to your productivity, to your energy, to your physical shape, to your fertility and of course to your overall health,

  • If you've been struggling to get pregnant and want to improve your fertility to improve your chance of pregnancy.

  • If you're having period issues or period pain and want to alleviate those symptoms.

  • If you want to embrace your incredible female body and finally start getting results by working to your unique biochemistry

Recap of what's inside..

> Understanding Your Cycle (Value $97)

> How to track Your Cycle (Value $147)

> Menstrual Phase (Value $247)

> Follicular Phase (Value $247)

> Ovulatory Phase (Value $247)

> Luteal Phase (Value $247)

> BONUS #1: Cycling with the moon (Value $37)

> BONUS #2: Reading List (Value $27)

> BONUS #3: Meditations (Value $37)


But you can invest today for the special price of:

$497 AUD 

$247 AUD

*Only valid for a limited time

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Hello & welcome

    • About me

    • Disclaimer

    • How to use this course

    • What equipment will you need?

    • How many times per week should you be working out?

    • Goal setting before we begin

  • 2

    Your cycle

    • How men & women are different

    • What your menstrual cycle can tell you about your health

    • Phases of your menstrual cycle (menstrual cycle explained)

    • The four phases of your menstrual cycle

    • Your hormones explained

  • 3

    How to track your cycle

    • Tracking your cycle

    • What is fertility awareness method?

    • Apps to use for cycle tracking

    • How to track your menstrual cycle in 4 steps

    • Whats does a 'normal' menstrual cycle look like?

  • 4

    Menstural phase

    • Welcome to the menstrual phase

    • Hormonal changes during the menstrual phase

    • Exercise during your menstrual phase

    • Emotional & physical changes during your Menstrual phase

    • Foods for your menstrual phase

    • Recipe

    • Menstrual phase moon yoga (Day 1-2 of bleed)

    • Menstrual phase pilates

  • 5

    Follicular phase

    • Welcome to the follicular phase

    • Hormonal changes during the follicular phase

    • Exercise during your follicular phase

    • Emotional & physical changes during the follicular phase

    • Foods for your follicular phase

    • Recipe

    • Follicular phase gentle yoga flow

    • Follicular phase workout

    • Follicular phase heating yoga

    • Follicular phase Power yoga

    • Follicular phase workout

    • Follicular phase workout

    • Follicular phase workout

  • 6

    Ovulatory phase

    • High-level lesson

    • Hormonal changes during the ovulatory phase

    • Exercise during your ovulatory phase

    • Emotional & physical changes during the ovulatory phase

    • Foods for ovulatory phase

    • Recipe

    • Ovulatory phase high intense yoga

    • Ovulatory phase HITT workout

  • 7

    Luteal phase

    • Welcome to the luteal phase

    • Hormonal changes during the luteal phase

    • Exercise during your luteal phase

    • Emotional & physical changes during the luteal phase

    • Foods for luteal phase

    • Recipe

    • Luteal Phase workout

    • Luteal phase yoga

    • Luteal Phase workout

    • Luteal phase workout

    • Luteal Phase workout

    • Luteal phase pilates

    • Luteal phase Yoga

  • 8

    Bonus section

    • Bonus 1 : Cycling with the Moon

    • Bonus 2: Books to read to excel your learning

    • Bonus 3: Meditations

  • 9

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • 1:1 hormonal health coaching

    • Before you go...

Still not sure if this is the right course for you?

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